First United Methodist Church believes the safety of all God’s children is paramount.  We have a “Child, Youth & Vulnerable Adult Safety Policy” which requires criminal background checks and mandatory training of everyone who works with children, youth or vulnerable adults.  It has to be renewed every two years.  This process and the training are being provided through Safe Gatherings.  All staff and volunteers must complete training before working with children, youth, or vulnerable adults.

The process requires three steps as follows:

  1. Complete Safe Gatherings APPLICATION.  Be prepared to provide e-mails and phone numbers for two references.  Do not use Pastor Valli as a reference because she will be required to provide an additional reference.  If another pastor does not know you well, use a second lay person.  When asked for your church’s name, type “Devine” in the search field.  Designate in the application if you anticipate transporting children or adults for church events.  Completing the application will allow the background check on you to begin.
  2. Complete the two hour online basic training.  (You will set up a username and password to access the training module as part of your application and be able to leave and return to finish it, if needed.)
  3. Register and complete “Trusted con Confianza” training.  This is a two-hour module that can be completed online at scheduled times.  Click SCHEDULE to see available dates and times, and to register.

For more information call Devine Methodist Church at 830-663-3185.